Day three

  Yesterday we played on a huge stage in Leipzig. It was completely different from when we were here the last time. Some things I like about being on tour is that you never know what to expect. It can be a small living room or a big hall and you have to adapt to the situation. The local record store was closed but there was this great distro outside the venue where they stocked excellent LPs. Now all money is out and we have to skip lunch from now on. But we’re happy and that’s all that matters. Anchor killed it last night, and we also did ok. We slept in an apartment owned by Stefan, one of the promoters. A great guy that you just want to hug. He made the awesomest breakfast and I got impressed by his NOFX LP collection. Right now we’re preparing for a floor show in Münich. Stoked!

Day two


The warmup in Rostock yesterday was great. A really nice little crowd, about 50 people showed up, and stayed for hours after the show. Andreas DJ’d some, and created a techno dancehall inside the venue. We got chocolate pudding with raspberries and a nice Anchor fan made us vegan cake. One guy wanted to buy the Crooked Letter shirt with our friend Henka G posing with his arms outstretched. “I want the Jesus shirt!” he said. At the moment we’re on our way to Leipzig, excited about the nice vinyl store they have there. On the photo you can see Claes showing off his muscles and Daniel trying to look cool in sunglasses.


Day one

 We’re on our way to Rostock Germany with a ferry going from the southern town Trelleborg in Sweden. We met up with Anchor yesterday in Freds studio to pack the van which is full to the limit with gear and merch. It’s always a nice feeling leaving home for a while when you’ve been busting your ass for some shitty company doing useless things every day. I have a great feeling about this tour since all people involved are so devoted to this. Martin flew in from Scotland just to play bass with Anchor: learning their songs in two days. Jimmy is also new on guitar and will do his first shows with the band on this tour. We’re super stoked to play tonight! We will end our set with the song that was written about this day a long time ago. May 21.

We will play Fluff-Fest 2015!


We just got confirmed for this years edition of Fluff-Fest: the coolest festival in Europe. Check us out together with legends like M.D.C, Endpoint, 7 Seconds, Dropdead & more. If you want to book Crooked Letter the days before, or after July 24th-26th, please email us at

New release in May!

We have an announcement to make: We will release a new 7-inch in conjunction with the Anchor/Crooked Letter tour in may! We are currently in the studio setting up drums to record 4 new songs. If you want to follow us during the recording just add us on Instagram: @crookedletter026


New show in Malmö!

We will play in Malmö – Sweden with the awesome bands “Atlas losing grip” and “The Dahmers” on february the 27:th! The show will take place at club Babel and we will be right in the middle of recording our second 7-inch by then. It will be out as we hit the road with Anchor in may. We are stoked as fuck about this!


Europe tour in may

We have a lot of stuff planned for next year. Really sweet stuff, and we can’t wait to reveal all of the details for you! For now we can give you the news of our tour in May: We are going out with the almighty Anchor to support them on their record release tour.  We are close friends with the guys from way back and we could not be more grateful than to share stage with such a pure, focused and hard working band. We will revisit some of the towns that we played in on the tour in September and can’t wait to see some familiar faces again!


We can also tell you that the situation in Swedish politics are really bad right now. The racists in the right-winged Swedish Democrats have seen to that a re-election will take place early next year, putting Sweden in a crisis situation. All we can do now is organize and continue to fight the fascism that is all around us. Europe is bleeding, and we want to quote what Brian of Catharsis said on stage in Berlin on September the 1:st

“Don’t be afraid of each other. Team up and be dangerous.”