Day ten: Last day of the tour

 Last day of the tour ended up in Rendsburg. Apparently it was the promotors birthday so we got a second cake to feast on today. There were only us and Anchor playing tonight so it kind of felt like our special “say goodbye party”. Both bands did good and afterwards an older punk with a Rövsvett patch bought 12 records from our distro – all with bands from Sweden. When we had packed all our stuff and were to leave we had to say goodbye to Martin who was going back to Glasgow with a flight from Hamburg the next morning. It was a tearful goodbye and we all love him for being such a great guy, always filled with excitement and curiosity for other cities and people. We found a new friend for life in him.

When I write this we are 5 hours from home. We dropped Anchor off in Gothenburg and Trollhättan. Tomorrow we will be back at work as usual, doing everyday stuff. But we will also start writing our debut album and prepare for Fluff-Fest this summer. We want to take the opportunity to thank everybody involved in making this tour possible. Thank you Joe at Stateless Society, Anchor, New Direction Tour Service, promotors, people who made us food, opened their homes for us, all of you who attended our shows, bought merchandise, gave us compliments and shared photos online.

We had the time of our lives, thank you!