Day seven 

 Yesterday we drove to Ostrava in Czech Republic. An 8 hour drive that took longer than expected so we had no real food until 20:00 at the venue and then we played immediately afterward. It was exhausting and it became a little more introvert than we usually do shows. Jan, the guy that organized the show, was a little disappointed that we didn’t play “Seven”. I promised him that we’ll do it next time so I guess we have to come back then :)

Today we are in Vienna. We had some pizza and left the van for 1,5 hour. When we got back someone must have broken in because two computers and some other stuff were missing. We had to call the cops and it took us over an hour to clear things up. Fortunately none of our musical gear were gone but we came to the venue slight delayed and pissed off. We will try to focus that rage into our set in about an hour.