Day four

  When we came down in a small pub in the cellar part of a kindergarten we thought that maybe this would be one of the low points of this tour but it turned out the total opposite. The place got packed with people and we opened the night followed by Spirits from Boston and then Anchor. People went wild early and tables where turned over and bottles got smashed. Spirits were insanely good and we did our best show this far. 

Prague has this unique kind of venue: Café Na Pul Cesty. A café in a park that has hardcore punk shows on regular basis. This was one of the shows we looked forward to the most. Just to hang out with Pavel, the organizer, is worth a visit. We also got to meet Adam. A student from Prague, and probably one of our greatest supporter. The café got literally packed, we did our best show ever and we got so good taken cared of. This night was really what makes touring worth the effort.