Day nine 

  A good night sleep and a short drive took us to Wolfsburg. We were greeted with pizza, pasta salad, rice with vegetables, chocolate cake and sodas. We were to play with great bands like Astpai and Timeshares. Unfortunately a big football tournament drew away most of the crowd so we ended up playing for a smaller audience than expected. 

We slept at a really cool house with sleeping lofts and I (Thomas) spent the night sleeping in a hammock. We got the most incredible breakfast which ended with birthday cake for this guy Jake. We congratulated him with the Swedish version of Happy Birthday To You – Ja Må Han Leva

Rendsburg tonight: the last stop of the tour…

Day eight 

  We had a long drive today. 13 hours with no lunch. Just played a show in Duisburg, Germany, in what looked like an apartment room. It was nice. A fast and furious set with no fuss and people seemed to like it. We’ll see if we will stick around because we have to sleep at the venue which has no toilet or beds (!) Some of us had to take a shit at the railroad tracks just outside. No speed no punk, what can I say?

We met Tim. A guy that Martin talked to online. He offered us to come sleep at his parents house. That meant warm beds, wifi, late dinner, breakfast and showers. An awesome dude and a true friend. We slept like babies and are now ready to take on Wolfsburg tonight.

Day seven 

 Yesterday we drove to Ostrava in Czech Republic. An 8 hour drive that took longer than expected so we had no real food until 20:00 at the venue and then we played immediately afterward. It was exhausting and it became a little more introvert than we usually do shows. Jan, the guy that organized the show, was a little disappointed that we didn’t play “Seven”. I promised him that we’ll do it next time so I guess we have to come back then :)

Today we are in Vienna. We had some pizza and left the van for 1,5 hour. When we got back someone must have broken in because two computers and some other stuff were missing. We had to call the cops and it took us over an hour to clear things up. Fortunately none of our musical gear were gone but we came to the venue slight delayed and pissed off. We will try to focus that rage into our set in about an hour.

Day six


We’re in beautiful Croatia right now. The weather has been kind and the rain that was promised where exchanged by sun. We took a walk here in Zagreb to buy water and had some time to see a glimpse of the city. When we drove in with the van at the venue we where greeted by some older punks. They seem into Crooked Letter here and they asked about if any of our members played in Leiah when they were here 10 years ago. It’s really cool that a band from our town that stopped playing a decade ago get mentioned so far from home. It also proves that these people continue to put up shows DIY style even jn their late 30s, early 40s which is cool. Thomas throat feels a little better. We hope that we can do a full set this time. We’re up now…

Day five

  We’ve starting to get the tour-flu. Everyone feels a little feverish and have sore throats. We’re in Bratislava now and are ready to fall asleep after a long load-out from the club. We had to cut out two songs from our set because Thomas lost his voice this morning. After three cups of ginger tea, some vodka and a singing warm-up with Claes he managed to do the gig pretty good though.

Day four

  When we came down in a small pub in the cellar part of a kindergarten we thought that maybe this would be one of the low points of this tour but it turned out the total opposite. The place got packed with people and we opened the night followed by Spirits from Boston and then Anchor. People went wild early and tables where turned over and bottles got smashed. Spirits were insanely good and we did our best show this far. 

Prague has this unique kind of venue: Café Na Pul Cesty. A café in a park that has hardcore punk shows on regular basis. This was one of the shows we looked forward to the most. Just to hang out with Pavel, the organizer, is worth a visit. We also got to meet Adam. A student from Prague, and probably one of our greatest supporter. The café got literally packed, we did our best show ever and we got so good taken cared of. This night was really what makes touring worth the effort.

Day three

  Yesterday we played on a huge stage in Leipzig. It was completely different from when we were here the last time. Some things I like about being on tour is that you never know what to expect. It can be a small living room or a big hall and you have to adapt to the situation. The local record store was closed but there was this great distro outside the venue where they stocked excellent LPs. Now all money is out and we have to skip lunch from now on. But we’re happy and that’s all that matters. Anchor killed it last night, and we also did ok. We slept in an apartment owned by Stefan, one of the promoters. A great guy that you just want to hug. He made the awesomest breakfast and I got impressed by his NOFX LP collection. Right now we’re preparing for a floor show in Münich. Stoked!

Day two


The warmup in Rostock yesterday was great. A really nice little crowd, about 50 people showed up, and stayed for hours after the show. Andreas DJ’d some, and created a techno dancehall inside the venue. We got chocolate pudding with raspberries and a nice Anchor fan made us vegan cake. One guy wanted to buy the Crooked Letter shirt with our friend Henka G posing with his arms outstretched. “I want the Jesus shirt!” he said. At the moment we’re on our way to Leipzig, excited about the nice vinyl store they have there. On the photo you can see Claes showing off his muscles and Daniel trying to look cool in sunglasses.


Day one

 We’re on our way to Rostock Germany with a ferry going from the southern town Trelleborg in Sweden. We met up with Anchor yesterday in Freds studio to pack the van which is full to the limit with gear and merch. It’s always a nice feeling leaving home for a while when you’ve been busting your ass for some shitty company doing useless things every day. I have a great feeling about this tour since all people involved are so devoted to this. Martin flew in from Scotland just to play bass with Anchor: learning their songs in two days. Jimmy is also new on guitar and will do his first shows with the band on this tour. We’re super stoked to play tonight! We will end our set with the song that was written about this day a long time ago. May 21.