Europe tour in may

We have a lot of stuff planned for next year. Really sweet stuff, and we can’t wait to reveal all of the details for you! For now we can give you the news of our tour in May: We are going out with the almighty Anchor to support them on their record release tour.  We are close friends with the guys from way back and we could not be more grateful than to share stage with such a pure, focused and hard working band. We will revisit some of the towns that we played in on the tour in September and can’t wait to see some familiar faces again!


We can also tell you that the situation in Swedish politics are really bad right now. The racists in the right-winged Swedish Democrats have seen to that a re-election will take place early next year, putting Sweden in a crisis situation. All we can do now is organize and continue to fight the fascism that is all around us. Europe is bleeding, and we want to quote what Brian of Catharsis said on stage in Berlin on September the 1:st

“Don’t be afraid of each other. Team up and be dangerous.”